California YMCA Youth & Government 2020 Annual Support Campaign

Y&G Alumni

The Youth and Government Annual Support Campaign is upon us and we as alums are called to support delegates who rely on financial aid to participate, just as we were supported.

As I reflect on my time as a Y&G delegate, I nostalgically remember the delegation cheers and sweatshirt designs. Perhaps more vividly, I remember the committee debates, political party platforms, and legislative analyst reports. In these moments, I developed critical thinking and public speaking abilities that empower me to form, articulate, and act upon my beliefs today. I am sure you too can recall Youth and Government’s lasting effect on you.

There are few more effective antidotes to our current political condition than an educated, informed, and engaged next generation, and that is exactly what Youth and Government is creating. This is why I donate to Youth and Government and I hope you will donate too.

Please feel free to be in touch!

Rachel Newhall

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