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Each year, over 5,000 youth find their voices through California YMCA Youth & Government programs. These middle school and high school students grow an understanding for and act upon issues affecting their communities, state and nation. Our program youth develop skills including leadership, critical thinking and public speaking which will prepare them for college and beyond. California YMCA Youth & Government provides a platform for young people to use their voices and advocate for positive change in matters that affect their lives and those around them.

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders; for over 70 years, California YMCA Youth & Government has been dedicated to providing 100,000+ youth with programs that offer hands-on learning opportunities to become civically engaged.

 100% of every donation collected through our Future Leaders Campaign is allocated directly to scholarship funding which ensures that all youth delegates have the opportunity to participate in our programs.


Campaigner Spotlight

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72nd Youth Governor Aidan Blain is co-leading the Youth Division for this year's Future Leaders Campaign. 

 “My close friends had encouraged me to start campaigning for FLC in my sophomore year; I wasn’t really sure what it was, but I gave it a shot. Ever since, FLC has held a special place in my heart. For Christmas and Hanukkah presents last year, I asked my family to participate in FLC and they ended up donating $1,215. This year, my plan for FLC’s Youth Division is to ensure that FLC is as inclusive and open experience; to do this I am organizing a communication network to ensure that all delegations receive important information and are given the opportunity to make a impact in the FLC, giving back to the program that we all love."



California YMCA Youth & Government.

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